Eastern Field festival of life (FOL)

Festival of Life (FOL) is a great opportunity for teens to explore and use the gifts that God has given them while having a blast hanging out with teens from all across the Eastern Field which ranges all that way from Virginia to Maine! Students in grades 8th-12th may compete with others teens from the Eastern Field in a variety of team events, music, arts & crafts, and more!

To be eligible to go to Eastern Field Festival of Life you MUST participate in Virginia District Megafest/FOL.

Eastern Field Festival of Life (FOL) is an event that brings over 500 Nazarene youth and leaders together to participate in a variety of special competitive events, and worship experiences on the campus of Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore a great Nazarene college and to explore the city of Boston.

FOL is a year-long event for the Eastern Field NYI (Nazarene Youth International). Its purpose is to give youth across the northeast an opportunity to develop, devote and share their gifts and abilities to be used for Jesus Christ.

Other important elements of FOL @ ENC:

  • To help students become better disciples of Jesus through the relationships they build with other students and leaders across the Eastern Field through various competitions and worship.
  • To build fellowship among all who participate and build a spirit of unity among the students of each district and all districts of the Eastern Field.
  • To emphasize the truth that each person is equal in God’s sight and has the obligation to discover, develop and share the gifts and talents God has given them in every way possible.

More Festival of Life Information

What is Festival of Life (FOL?)

FOL is fun, it’s being with your people, it’s using your talents and skills in competition,

it’s worshiping together, it’s being a Field~ the Eastern Field of the USA!,

serving others, being on the campus of Eastern Nazarene College; it’s a jampacked

few days that you don’t want to miss!

Why FOL?

~Use my talents to honor and serve God

~Meet new friends on the Eastern Field

~Grow in my faith walk

~Serve alongside others in Ministry Opportunities

~Visit Eastern Nazarene College


  • Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, and Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Co-ed Dodgeball, Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee, a Co-ed Running Relay team, Chess, Math & Science Quizzing and Ping Pong.
  • Students may participate in ONE team event only.


  • Vocal Solo, Vocal Group, Choir, Instrumental Solo, Instrumental Group, Band, Creative Writing, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts, Drawings, Photography, Drama, Puppetry, Digital Media, and Interpretive Worship.
  • Students may participate in up to FIVE Christian communication categories.

Participation Requirements:

~Students must be in grade 8-12

~Students can participate in ONLY ONE Team event. This includes: basketball, soccer,

volleyball, chess, math/science quizzing, table tennis, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee.

~Students must attend five Sunday services or youth group meetings at a Nazarene

church in the weeks between the district event and Field event.

~In Christian Communication, students may be entered only once in each category,

unless the district is unable to provide a second entrant in a specific category.

How much does FOL Cost?

The basic registration fee is $212 which covers:

-Three nights lodging in an area hotel

-Six meals (Thursday dinner through Saturday Lunch)

-Entrance to all FOL events, venues,

service projects, worship services, special events

-Event t-shirt

***Other fees are added by each district to cover

transportation and various district costs.

How do I register for Field FOL?

After your District FOL, your district leaders will provide you a registration link for

you to use to register for the Field event.

Click HERE for more Festival of Life Materials

FOL @ ENC Recap Videos!


Eastern nazarene college

Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) is a Christian liberal arts college on Boston’s south shore in Quincy, MA.

ENC offers a breadth of academic programs that prepare students to lead and serve in a diverse world by integrating the “best in education and the best in Christian faith.”

boston, massachusetts

Timothy and Heather Sluss

va nyi fol directors

Heather and I have a huge passion for Eastern Nazarene College and Festival of Life. We love getting Virginia District Leaders and Students more connected with this incredible event. If you have any questions or are interested in being a part of VA FOL leadership, please contact us!

Email: pastortimsluss@w1naz.org

Email: pastorheather@w1naz.org

Phone: (703) 232-9967